Based in leicesters cultural quarter, grays has been bringing fresh, seasonal food to leicester since 2013.

At Grays we believe diversity is the spice of life, and no-one deserves the stagnation of choice that has become synonymous with city centre dining. Every day at Gray's we offer fresh choices, and the boys in white always love to give your pallet a chance to experiment. 

Day to Day @ Grays

It all kicks off at 8:30am with the breakfast rush, offering cooked to order meals to set you up for the day. You can either sit in and enjoy whatever music Al has discovered that morning  (99% of the time its great, feel free to tell him to turn it off if its the other 1%), or simply just takeaway.

Breakfast is a religious experience with hundreds of different variations, meat/veggie, sweet/savory, red/brown white/granary, poached/scrambled, bacon/sausage... the list is endless. One thing's for sure, and that's that in the morning you want what you want, and you're too tired to sacrifice your routine. We are the half way house to work, a place to rub the sleep out of your eyes and relax for the last few minutes before you hit the daily grind.

Come 11am, and the chefs have done their daily pilgramige to Leicester Market to see what's in season, scratched their heads for a bit and put together the menu for the day. Al has already got bored of the mornings music and has moved on to something else whilst sending out our daily specials, and then, BOOM, everything is set for the lunchtime onslaught of patrons, guests and friends.

With plenty to offer for Vegetarians and Vegans alike (no goats cheese tarts or nut loaves to be seen), the aim is to offer a variety of options for all dietary requirements, be it gluten free, dairy free, pescatairan or no nuts, just ask Al, Nile or Grace behind the counter and they'll let you know what works for you.

Lunch finishes at 3pm, giving us plenty of time to get the place spick and span to do it all over again (don't worry, the coffee machines on till 5pm if you need that late afternoon boost)!

Leicester loves...

Grays xx

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SHIBUI Tea was set up over a few pots of tea with the simple philosophy of sourcing and sharing great quality tea. They have created such a diverse range, which covers loose leaf tea with flavours to suit all palates. With a choice of premium classics through to fun and modern concepts, SHIBUI’s tea drinkers can be assured of a consistent quality product they can trust.

They are a family run business - together with over 35 years of experience in the industry - with their head office split between the UK and Canada.  Two brothers run the operation - John in the UK and Paul in Canada.

Their teas are sourced from all over the world, primarily from China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Africa, and Taiwan.  Having locations in both the UK and Canada it gives them the ability to effectively service both the European and North American market places.

SHIBUI is a Japanese word which has no direct translation into English. It is a way of describing something which appears simple but has actually an underlying complex nature.

They feel that this sums up their perception of tea perfectly.

Tea is just tea, surely? Ah – but look into it in a bit more detail and it’s a lot more complicated than that!



COALTOWN are specialty coffee roasters who focus on sustainable and transparent trade with small farms from across the coffee growing regions of the world. They aim to uphold quality at every stage of their production, and like us, they are driven by remaining ethical. They just love to roast delicious coffee that's full of personality. 

Unlocking the unique flavours within the world's finest coffee begins with the roaster. Hand-roasted in small batches, COALTOWN's 'Roastmaster' is able to judge the timing and temperature to perfection, delicately drawing out the complex flavour notes from the raw green coffee beans. They carefully study how the beans turn from green through to straw yellow and then finally to rich, sumptuous brown, ready to be brewed into a perfect cup.

Their 'Roastmaster' has been trained within the guidelines set out in the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) education programme. They roast their beans every Monday and Tuesday to guarantee that our customers are drinking the freshest coffee around.



Ammanford is a small town of 5400 people.

A former mining community where anthracite coal (Black Gold) fuelled the local economy. Unfortunately in 2003, the last of the local collieries closed, bringing with it high unemployment with no prospect for the school leavers of today.

Their plan is to change this. to bring back an industry & get the town producing a new from of black gold. Coffee.



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